The Ultimate Guide to prevent Hair Loss with Argan Oil

Hair loss

Hair is a problem that most of the people suffer from nowadays. It is attributed to our lifestyle, the pollution of air and water and generally unhealthy eating habits. Work pressure is another contributing factor to hair loss.

This problem has been a goldmine for many of the hair care product manufacturers. They have exploited this problem and cashed it with many products. All these products promise a reduction in hair loss. Some even claim regrowth of hair. Many centers for hair transplanting and hair weaving have thrived on this problem.

So, what is the solution to the problem? At last a solution has been found, which is really effective. Those who have used this have vouched for it. What is that product?

The Solution

Argan Oil is that magic solution. It is the extract from the fruits of Argan tree which is found only in Morocco. It is extracted from the nuts found in the fruit. Let’s see how Argan Oil cures hair loss and aids the regrowth of hair. Argan Oil helps in maintaining a healthy scalp. Hair experts have emphasized the need to have a healthy scalp for reducing hair loss and promote hair growth.

Argan Oil stimulates the production of Keratin which helps in hair growth. With the use of this oil the follicles get a better blood supply. This helps the supply of nutrients to the follicles.

Dihydrotestosterone or DHT is that hormone which gives men the male characters. But this also causes miniaturization of the hair follicles resulting in hair loss. Argan Oil will clear up the build-up of DHT and promote hair growth.

Dandruff is a common problem found in many people. It is also a very common cause of hair loss. As we continue to use shampoo regularly for cleaning our hair, our scalp becomes dry. This results in the formation of dandruff. To remove dandruff, we use strong medication which again leaves the scalp dry. Argan Oil moisturizes the scalp and removes dandruff thus aiding in hair growth.

Swimming is another major cause of hair loss. Chlorine in the water in swimming pools and salt in seawater are harmful to the hair. To protect from this use Argan Oil before swimming. After you come out wash your hair and again use the oil. This will protect your hair and prevent hair loss.

It also helps in balancing the hormone levels in the skin and scalp. This is the reason why Argan Oil is prescribed even for acne, which is caused mainly by hormonal imbalance.

Argan oil not just reduces hair loss and promotes growth, it even nourishes your hair. Even for people without hair loss, the use of the oil helps in nourishing their hair and keeping healthy and glowing.

People suffering from hair loss have used Argan Oil and say that they have seen a considerable reduction in hair fall from the third week onwards. From the sixth week, they have seen hair growing back. At last people with hair loss problems can heave a sigh of relief.

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