Anti-Frizzle with Argan Oil

Anti-Frizzle with Argan Oil

Hair is not just another part of your body. It is that part which people see and comment on. it is even a part by which people are identified – blonde, curly-haired, grey-haired and what not. Hair is an important part of one’s appearance and identity.

We cannot let our hair spoil our appearance or make us an object of mock. Hair is also a sign of the overall health of our body. Hair can get affected in many ways. Dry or frizzy hair is one such hair problem. This kind of hair doesn’t have the shine and appears dry and disheveled.

Frizzy hair happens when you have a raised cuticle layer for your hair. This causes moisture to escape. When moisture is lost there is an imbalance between the protein and moisture. The result of this is dry and frizzy hair. There are many reasons for frizzy hair. When you don’t drink enough water as per your body weight it could cause frizzy hair. Another reason is your hair rubbing against drying materials while sleeping.

The oil that the glands secrete is supposed to run down to the end of the strands. In some hair types like coiled or kinky hair, this doesn’t happen enough especially after a hair wash. This causes dryness and hence frizzy hair.

Use of the wrong kind of dyes, shampoos or other chemicals could also result in frizzy hair. It could also happen when you are not deep-conditioning your hair. The kind of oil you are using is not penetrating deep enough. All these could be reasons for frizzy hair.

How do we treat dryness or frizzy hair? What is the ideal chemical or medication for this?

Argan Oil has been recommended for many hair problems. Even for frizzy or dry hair, this is recommended. Let us see what Argan Oil is.

Argan Oil is an oil extracted from the nuts of the Argan fruit. This grows only in Morocco and the seeds produce only very little oil. So, the oil is very expensive. But it is so good for the hair that it is called the “liquid gold” for hair problems.

Argan Oil contains essential vitamins and antioxidants. It also contains Omega-6 fatty acids. It is the Vitamin E in Argan Oil that is most beneficial for the hair. It helps in nourishing the hair. Argan Oil also helps in moisturizing the hair, thus preventing dryness and frizzy hair.

Argan Oil can be used in many ways to cure frizzy hair. You can apply it to your hair after a shower. Just apply the oil when the hair is wet and leave it be there. It will nourish and moisturize your hair making it soft and smooth.

You can also use Argan Oil as the styling oil for your hair. This doesn’t have the harmful effects other styling chemicals will have. Additionally, this oil will make your hair healthier. You can also massage this oil on to your scalp and leave it there overnight. This will penetrate deep and make your scalp healthier.

Argan Oil can be said to be the best treatment for dry hair, split-ends, and frizzy hair.

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