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If you have purchased a piece of pottery from Morocco, then there are chances that it is signed “Safi” somewhere on the back. Safi pottery reminds one of the attractive pottery districts of Morocco. Safi craftsmen make marvels out of clay and terracotta. Our Safi pottery offerings would remind one of the ancestral craft from this charming little town of morocco. Despite years and centuries, the entire pottery process is still the same. All the parts are made entirely by hand and it is difficult to come across any two pieces in Safi pottery that are completely identical.

The clay used in Safi pottery is the one found near the region and has been used for generations. The process is quite elaborative and a lot of work goes into creating each piece of pottery. All are made individually right from extracting the clay to preparing, molding, drying, shaping, painting, and firing it.

Our Safi pottery collection features the signature red clay quarried from the region. It is processed in the same way by the craftsmen using traditional wood firing kilns. The designs used on pottery are influenced by Islamic and Berber art which was influenced by the Byzantine, Roman, and Phoenician designs. Each piece has been painted by hand using modern multicolored designs as well as traditional patterns.

This handmade tea set is painted in a traditional Moroccan pattern with lead-free and 12-karat gold paint.

cups diameter 8 cm 6 pieces
Bottom plate diameter 12 cm
Sugar bowl diameter 10 cm
Mini Tajine diameter 13 cm
Teapot diameter 9 cm height 12 cm


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