Beldi Vase | 20 cm Green | Moroccan Handmade Beldi Vase


The Beldi Vase is a genuine Moroccan offering and has been a vase for all local families since 1946. Mouth-blown from recycled glass, these glasses are recognizable owing to the small puffiness that permits people to hold them.

This set of 100% recycled glass is perfect for everyday use. The Vases are elegant and simple. The traditional ribbed shape vases are easier and comfortable to hold. Our Vase set is a modern take on the Moroccan tradition.

Beldi Vase is handmade with traditional techniques. Each piece is carefully crafted and is hand-blown in Marrakesh by the local artisans. The unique sizes, shapes, and tints make these Beldi Vase perfect for your collection.
These can also be used as décor when filled with a bouquet of wildflowers or a votive candle. Overall, these will make a charming centerpiece along with the blooms.

  • Diameter 10 cm
  • Hight 20 cm
  • 110 cl

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