How to Maintain Nails With Argan Oil?

How to Maintain Nails With Argan Oil?

It’s common to put a lot of effort into taking care of your hair, face, and skin, but people often forget to take care of one important part of the body: the nails. Your nails may not be what people immediately notice when they see you, but your nails can actually tell a lot about your health condition. Discolored, dried and chipped nails often indicate poor health, and these make nails look off-putting.

What causes nail damage?

Your nails might get damaged because you often cut your cuticles. Your cuticles act as a barrier, protecting your skin from unwanted bacteria whenever you touch something. If you frequently cut your cuticles, you are removing a layer of protection, making it easy for bacteria and dirt to penetrate into your fingers and toes.
It could also be because of your manicures and pedicures. Acetone is a strong substance that will leave your nails dry and brittle. Nail polish, if left on the nail for too long, will dry up your nails because it’s covering your nails from getting the moisture they require.

How do you know if you have damaged nails?

You can determine the health of your nails by observing any changes on the nail. If your nails have vertical ridges, it could simply be a sign of aging. Pale and spoon-like nails indicate that you may have an iron deficiency. Yellow nails are common, and they are caused by frequent use of acrylic nails and nail polish.
To make nails look healthier, people have gone for manicures and pedicures, but over time these damage the nail because of the strong components of the acetone and nail polish.

To get your healthy-looking nails back, Argan Oil is the best solution. It keeps your nails and skin moisturized, making them look rejuvenated.

It strengthens your nails.

Damaged nails will get broken more easily. This can cause peels and splits, which can make nail maintenance painful. Argan oil can protect your nail as it grows back, and then it prevents damage from ever happening again.

It moisturizes your nails and hands.

Argan Oil is rich in Vitamin E, which can rejuvenate damaged cells on your nails and your cuticles. If you’re experiencing dried cuticles, argan oil can help add moisture to this region, making your nails look healthy and protected once more.

It heals damaged nails and cuticles

Vitamin E helps to repair damaged skin, and this can be very useful in nail care. It helps new and healthy cells grow as your nails and cuticles repair, making you have nails that look bright and shiny.

It substitutes for nail polish

Nail polish can cause serious damage to the nail. To have nails that still look good, you can use Argan Oil to give your nails that naturally healthy boost. You won’t even need a clear or base coat anymore. Your nails will look more than fine on their own.
Argan Oil doesn’t just help the nails. It’s useful for the hair and skin, as well. It’s a miracle product that helps solve common skin issues, making you look radiant and glowing. If you apply it on a regular basis, you’ll see the results in no time.

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