Tamegroute Candlestick Star 23


Tamegroute is one of the oldest towns in South Morocco and has been home to pottery families for centuries. Each family in the town has its own atelier and specialty. Their art form has been passed down to generations. Signature green shade Tamegroute pottery is a work of art and is authentic to the region.

The entire production process is elaborate and has to be carried out carefully. The process begins at River Draa where the potter digs up the clay and kneads it in until the clay is perfect. The clay is then shaped for hours to craft unique pieces of Tamegroute pottery.  The glaze is painted before it is put into the oven since Tamegroute pottery is baked just once. The 1% copper in the glaze and the clay from the Draa river bed are the reason behind the characteristic green color.

The process is unique and there is no piece like another. Each has its own traits, patterns, and marks. The process is a stellar example of pure craftsmanship. The art is based on years of experience and sheer feeling. Not a single thermometer or measuring device is used in the process of creating Tamegroute pottery.

Our Tamegroute pottery collection is truly unique. The unique pieces will brighten up your interiors. All our designs are decorative, practical, simple, and made for daily use. Our selection of green glazed artisanal Tamegroute pottery will bring a Moroccan feel to your table. Each piece in our collection is stunningly beautiful and rustic. The distinctive patterns make these pieces truly special.

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