Yellow Moroccan Tamegroute Serving Spoon | Handmade Spoon | Acacia Wooden Spoon | Yellow glazed | decorative | Moroccan Garden


If you like handmade, stylish, unique and graceful ceramics, then our Tamegroute pottery is for you. The range of pottery is breathtaking and individual, with each piece telling a story of love, creativity and a purpose in life.

No two pieces of Tamegoute pottery are exactly the same. The patterns are timeless, tribal and ancestral and not only look good, but are also fully and utterly functional.
Our range of Tamegroute pottery is designed to be cherished, these Tamegroute Green Glazed Spoons from Morocco would be the perfect addition to any dining table and can be mixed and matched across the range for a unique dinner presentation. They come in six unique styles, mottled glaze, half glaze and full glaze and feature an acacia wood handle. Each spoon is handmade and therefore completely unique.

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