Moroccan Tadelakt Vase | 65 cm White | Moroccan Handmade Vase 03


The Tadelakt Vase is a genuine Moroccan offering.

Vases made with a terracotta base and a Tadelakt finish. In natural colors.

Tadelakt is a waterproof gloss plaster based on a natural hydrated lime. Tadelakt is a Berber word and means ‘to rub in’. The pendant lights are made by hand which gives them a raw and natural texture. The Moroccan Garden Tadelakt Vases are elegant and simple. Our Vase is a modern take on the Moroccan tradition.

The Tadelakt Vase is handmade with traditional techniques. Each piece is carefully crafted by the local artisans. The unique sizes, shapes, and tints make these Vase perfect for your collection.
These can also be used as décor when filled with a bouquet of wildflowers or a votive candle. Overall, these will make a charming centerpiece along with the blooms.

  • Authentic Moroccan Tadelakt Vase.
  • Color: White
  • Variations in handcrafting make each piece unique.
  • Semigloss finish.
  • For decorative use.
  • Original design from Marrakesh.
  • Made in Morocco.

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