Everyday you see a new Argan Oil company pop up, and you are probably curious as to why you should go with one company versus another. Well, there are a few things you’ll want to look for to make sure you are getting the best product, service, and experience that you and your body and hair deserves.

Skin, hair and body care are a fairly recent phenomenon and there is more to a company than what is in the bottles. The best Argan companies will have unquestioning customer service policies, quick shipping standards, quality packaging, and be committed to the industry and the lifestyle. It’s not to say if a company doesn’t have this that they are bad, but they just aren’t a top company.

At Moroccan Garden, we view the emerging skin care market like the home brew beer market. There are tons of awesome companies out there doing some great things and guys should feel free to try and experience many options. Yes, you’ll have your favorites; but there are a lot of awesome companies out there

So, how can you tell if they are committed to the industry. Well, read up on their company story, or check their social media presence. You’ll want to see if they are attending any type of lifestyle events, like any competitions, care clubs, or participating in charity events. Another indicator is if they provide education to the community. We do it through our blog.

Another way to gauge their commitment is if they are focused on growing the business, or simply making some money on the side. When a company continuously invests in their business it shows they believe the industry is growing and has long term viability.

Now beyond the commitment to the industry you’ll want to look into their commitment to their product. Where do they cut corners and where do they invest? You can typically see if a Body & Hair care company focuses more on pricing vs quality when they use items like plastic caps over metal lids, plastic bottles over glass bottles, or synthetic fragrances over natural oils and extracts. Do they pay attention to the small details, or do they gloss over things?

If they have a good product and a good commitment to the industry then their customer service role will be easy. From a business perspective, part of having good customer service is making sure the customer has a positive experience from the beginning. Check out the reviews of the products and keep an eye out for timeliness of shipping, how they handled issues, and any type of guarantees they offer. At Moroccan Garden, we guarantee that you’ll love your products and if you don’t, we’ll fully refund your purchase price.

It’s easy to write all this out, but the reality is it’s very hard to execute on these things. When a company is able to deliver on all these issues they’ll start to get noticed. Do cool things and you get noticed.

We think we’re pretty awesome, but we also think there are some other pretty awesome Argan companies out there. Give us a shot and try others too. We love building the best Argan care products in the market, and we love being the Argan company to lead the way.

From all of us in Marrakesh and Amsterdam

Team Moroccan Garden