Our Product Spirit

At Moroccan Garden, we take pride in what we do.

Our mission is to help men and women around the world realise that caring is an essential part of their daily life, and to fully express their individual personalities. We don’t want to change we want you to express yourself, you to embrace your own personal beauty and unique look. We believe you are amazing and our products will assist you being the person you want to be. This is what gives meaning and value to our business.

The nature is creative and wise, and we have taken our lessons from that. We turn creativity into top products and sustainable entrepreneurship to protect nature. The products are therefore developed through scientific and environmentally friendly processes. We have a mission to do more than deliver exceptional products. We also provide a variety of hamam-tools that you need to invest in yourself. Taking care of yourself is a really important investment, as failure to do this will not only cause you not to see a return in your daily life, but it’ll take away gains made in other areas of your life. When you invest in yourself, you’ll get the power to invest in your family, your friends, career and your social network.

Self-care that lasts permanently is going to take something a little more enduring.

Our Mission: Promoting Confidence Through Caring With Natural Products

We formulate premium products that are class-leading and healthy for our consumers. Our strategy is to work with the body’s natural chemistry to develop a healthy long term hair-beard-body routine.

We’re not looking for quick cosmetic fixes to solve issues; we’re looking for foundational formulation strategies.

It starts by avoiding the use of silicones which aren’t water soluble. Another ingredient on our do not use list are parabens because of the hormone disruptors associated with them. We aim for minimal and gentle cleansing and conditioning, and are adamant about being harmonious with the natural chemistry of the human body to maintain as many natural oils as possible and keep your hair and skin as healthy as possible.

When it comes to our products, the focus is always quality over labels – we don’t make decisions because it’ll sell more, we make decisions on how our products will perform. It’s the reason you don’t see us carry certain products. We won’t do it at all until we can do it well. We are consistently focused on delivering leading products to our consumers.

We understand different people have different needs, so we aim to be as transparent as possible across the board. It starts by putting our ingredient list on all of our product pages on our site and allowing customers to see what is in our products before they place an order. The fragrances we use are naturally derived. There are unhealthy aspects within the world of fragrances with blends that aren’t as desirable to use, but we pride ourselves on using natural ingredients that stand out from the herd and are safe.

Additionally, we also strive to use ingredients that minimize animal suffering. While we aren’t within strict vegan guidelines, our goal is to offer transparency to which ingredients are derived from animals,which are “vegetarian” (doesn’t result in the death of the animal – beeswax, lanolin, etc) and which are “vegan.”

So take stock in the fact that we are dedicated to delivering you, the consumer, the absolute highest quality product possible that promises to work in harmony with your body – from your hair to your skin. Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to bringing you more great products in the future!